Plug In MOSFREE is an effective alternative to the use of pesticides in mosquito control.  It is easy to use and internationally proven to be effective.  Simply plug in MOSFREE and it begins to trap mosquitoes and flying insects.
Plug In MOSFREE creates these attractants to lure and trap them.
1.Light - The ultraviolet (UV) rays in the device attracts the mosquitoes
2.Heat - The heat generated by the UV light simulates the human body temperature.
3.Carbon dioxide - Carbon dioxide is produced when the UV ray is radiated onto the Titanium Dioxide coating inside the unit. This is known as the photocatalyst process. This simulates the exhalation of carbon dioxide by humans, which attract mosquitoes to seek out its victims.
4.Dark colour - The black colour of the MOSFREE device acts as a natural attractant.
The mosquitoes are effectively lured to MOSFREE.  When they are near the device, the mosquitoes are drawn through the upper capture windows, where they are sucked down by the suction fan into a netting container. MOSFREE also cleans the air through the photocatalyst process which sterilises airborne bacteria.
When switched on, MosFree attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects with its ultraviolet light. Apart from that, a photocatalyst reaction from the UV light against the Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) coating in the MosFree unit produces carbon dioxide. The release of carbon dioxide by MosFree mimics the presence of human breath. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide as they use this to detect humans. When the mosquitoes approach the MosFree device, a suction fan will suck the mosquitoes into a lower stainless steel netting container. The trapped mosquitoes will eventually die of dehydration. This technology of trapping and reducing mosquitoes is a proven method used in many countries. MosFree is different from the more commonly seen UV mosquito zapping unit.