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Mosquitos spread deadly diseases. Traditionally chemicals are used to treat these pests. Today, people are concerned about their health and environment and are steering away from the use of harmful chemicals. Sayang Alam Sdn Bhd specializes in environmental friendly and chemical free pest control methods. Sayang Alam introduced MosFree a green product to help reduce mosquitos in our homes and environment. It is a chemical free mosquito trapping device. Apart from Mosfree Sayang Alam is also the exclusive distributor for Pest Free Australia, a scientifically proven device that chases away rats and cockroaches. This is in line with our government's National Green Policy. Mosfree is manufactured under OEM for Sayang Alam Sdn Bhd. Mosfree has CE approval, ISO 9001 and ROHS compliant. Mosfree is imported and distributed exclusively in Malaysia by Sayang Alam Sdn Bhd since 2008. Mosfree is a green alternative to mosquito control in line with environmentally friendly pest control products. MosFree attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects with its ultraviolet light. Apart from that, a photocatalyst reaction from the UV light against the titanium dioxide coating in the MosFree unit produces carbon dioxide which mimics the presense of human breath. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide as they use this to detect humans.When the mosquitoes approach the MosFree device, a suction fan will suck the mosquitoes into a lower stainless netting container.The trapped mosquitoes will eventually die of dehydration.